cat rock

Image via Emily Boeglin


“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”~ Steve Maraboli

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve always had a deep love for nature. My area and the town I live in in upstate New York is surrounded by mountains, beautiful trails, untouched forests, lakes and endless green. So when I start to lose my sense of self and need a little perspective, I’ve learned over the years the only true therapy is eco-therapy.

There is no greater satisfaction than being able to lose yourself in the vastness of nature; and to allow yourself to be free and become a part of something so much larger than you is truly priceless. There is no absolutely no peace and harmony greater, than that of being engulfed by God’s most beautiful creation.

My favorite place to visit when I need a different view is called Cat Rock. Standing at the top of Cat Rock I can see my entire town. When I look in front and around me, all I see is a view that can quiet any conversation. The view encompasses the neighborhoods, farmlands, endless stretching fields all different shades of green, and endless winding roads that weave through the trees.

As I look around, I’m surrounded by a surface of rocks, with some bushes and flowers scattered about, and random grass growing in between the cracks of the rocks. Behind me is the trail that took me here, heavy with brush and various types of trees. All the trees are different heights and colors, but they are all together in a thick, beautiful mass nonetheless.

I remember how grateful I am to be taking in such a sight, and how I need to take more time to appreciate the little things each day, because they are actually enormous things.

Standing on a surface of all rock, you understand why they call it Cat rock. The shapes the rocks make are the shape of a cat’s face. Standing on it one can’t tell, but when at the bottom of the mountain or anywhere in town where there’s a clear view, the face of the mountain is all rocks.

These rocks form to make a cat’s face. I can see where the ears peak out in distinct v–shapes, and I can see the nose and mouth, and the chin below it.

The rocks extend the edge of the mountain, but I don’t ever walk that far because it’s a sharp cliff, so sharp that when I look down I just see the tops of trees. The trees alone are a view unlike any other. All the treetops are different colors.

The smells and sounds envelop your senses, and it will immediately become your favorite place. I always get a sense of nature’s immensity, and when I look out into the sky, it just seems endless and I easily get lost in its vastness. I always think of how there is so much more of the world I have yet to see.

The birds chirping, the smell of nature, grass and trees blowing in the cool wind, the rustle of leaves from little forest creatures behind me, is honesty the most calming feeling ever. I never felt truly at one with nature until I reach the top of Cat Rock.

Part of what makes me feel at one with nature is the fact that I am so disconnected from the rest of the world. I’m so high up, and the only thing I can focus on is the endless stretching sky, and the breathtaking view.

My cell phone service doesn’t‎ matter here, and neither does any stress from below. All I can focus on is the endless beauty, and the feeling of being a part of something that is much bigger than myself. I can never get enough of that.

It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday issues, from work to relationships, it can be exhausting. Human beings need time alone to themselves, time to reflect, and appreciate what they have. Everyone needs to find their own Cat Rock.

The reason I love cat rock so much is because when you’re standing there at the top, everything else is below you. When I say everything is below you, I mean it literally feels as if the world is underneath me, and I’m above and away from life at the bottom of the mountain. All the mediocre problems and drama I have in life don’t seem so big anymore.

I always say, Cat rock allows me to “zoom out” from the world, and it lets me have a very rare perspective on life. When I’m standing up there, I get to see the big picture. Nothing really seems to matter as much, because I feel so small in such a large world.

There is a distinct contrast between being up at the top and looking down below. Being at the pinnacle separates you from the cars, movement, stress, and noise down below. And it lets you experience true serenity, and calm. There is no work assignment to worry about up there, no relationship drama, nothing…except the subtle rustle of leaves each time the wind blows.

Being able to separate yourself for a little bit is rewarding to say the least. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with the obstacles life can throw at you, look outside your window. Take advantage on this amazing planet we live on.

Slow down for once, and take time to appreciate nature. Bask in it. Take a walk. Hike through some woods. Lose yourself in this endless and beautiful world.


I promise you, you won’t regret it.