An all-bike parking garage in Eindhoven, Holland.

Image via http://yannatry.blogspot.com

Europe’s fight against gas guzzling vehicles has been taken to a whole new level. The European Commission recently announced their plan to ban all vehicles from cities by the year 2050.The proposal is called “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area,” and aims to drastically lesson Europe’s carbon footprint in a radical, innovative, new way.

Siim Kallas, the EU Transport commissioner, says the law’s intention is to force people out of their personal vehicles and onto public transportation.

Instead, alternative methods of transportation inside the cities are to be encouraged like rental bikes, railways, public buses, and walking. All of these methods would equate to a healthier and less polluted environment.

The outcome of this drastic new change will be the reduction of CO2 emission into the atmosphere; by 60% over the next 40 years.

Cars and trucks are not the only target on this new plan.

Also included in the plan is an end to flights under 186 miles. The excess flights people book to travel such small distances are unnecessary and harmful to the environment. Railroads, for example, can do a much healthier and efficient job.

Lori Zimmer from ‘Inhabitat.com’ explains the policy further, saying, “It realistically assesses the world’s over-usage and dependency on oil as fuel, while calling attention to the pollution and carbon emissions caused by traffic congestion. The plan also calls for a “transport area” which would create a unified transportation infrastructure that would span the entire continent. This would drastically reduce carbon emissions, and confine them to specific areas.”

Although, not everyone is supporting the act. Many people are insulting Kallas’ sanity and suggesting that he is doing Europe and major disservice, sending it back to the almost ‘dark ages.’

Either way, this is excellent news for our planet and it’s conservation.