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A new Iphone app is now available which forces users to start thinking dirty about the cosmetics and personal care products they’re used to purchasing.

Unbeknowst to consumers, their everyday products used on their face and body can contain handfuls of toxic ingredients. This can be avoided simply by scanning the barcode of the desired product, learning it’s ingredients and health risks, and then being given healthier options; all by a couple clicks on the Think Dirty app.

Lily Tse, Founder and Ceo of Think Dirty explains that this September, Think Dirty partnered with the Breast Cancer Fund charity, to spread the message of breast cancer prevention through avoiding potentially dangerous ingredients in products. So now, each time you scan a product through the app, Think Dirty Inc. will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Fund.

Tse says, ” Although many products are labeled “all-natural” or “organic”, there is little transparency in labeling cosmetics. There was also no real tool out there for consumers to find information easily. With my background in design and marketing, I wanted to develop and create something not only for myself but for others as well, and that’s how Think Dirty was founded.

Think Dirty empowers and educates the consumer on the cosmetics industry by allowing them to make an informed decision on what products to purchase.  The mobile app launched in Summer 2013 with more than 68,300 products listed.”

This app is quite a breakthrough is the step towards supporting organic-based products, and opeing up a window to a brand new market. Not only are toxic ingredients in common-brand products bad for us, but they are bad for the environment as a whole, as well as animals.

According to Environmental Working Group’s “Investigative series on the Cosmetics Industry and Products”, major cosmetics companies have not publicly committed themselves to removing harmful ingredients. And shockingly, “The FDA does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetics before they go on the market. As well, it acknowledges, ‘cosmetic companies may use almost any ingredient they choose.’ Worse yet, the agency lacks the authority to recall possibly unsafe products.”

Scary to consider the lack of safety and regulation to the products we have trusted so dearly. This app allows users the opportunity to avoid unhealthy options, as well as increasing their chance for illnesses such as breast cancer.

An app like Think Dirty is something the public has needed for a while now, and another plus? It’s free.

For more information, visit thinkdirtyapp.com.